About howhowto

Howhowto is a customized version of Google that makes it easier to do things.

Whether you want to fix a leaky faucet, make a kite, learn to speak chinese, build a doghouse, crochet a hat, play the guitar, or overcome stage fright, howhowto can find more information to help you than any general purpose search engine.

Here's a good way to see what howhowto does: Type in a common noun (like arm or fish or bed) and compare the results you get from howhowto with the results you get from the major search engines (Google searches: arm, fish, and bed). You should see that howhowto is much more focused on doing things and making stuff. Try clicking on the next results page... there may be other ways to do things!

By the way, doing a random search on howhowto can be a great way to find project ideas!

Howhowto searches all of the major "how to" sites and it also searches a huge number of smaller sites. Howhowto avoids purely commercial sites to help you quickly get the information that really helps you get things done.

You can see a little of what goes into making a site like this by reading the "tutorial".

If you know a way to improve howhowto, please send a message!